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UX User Experience Analysis & Design

Although the term started being used in the 90s, User Experience (UX) is a relatively new and fast growing science. User Experience involves a variety of techniques and theories applied to web design, visual design, graphic design and others to improve the experience of the user (visitor, reader, customer, player, etc.). Ideally a good User Experience will make the user feeling more comfortable with contents, tools, games, products, services and so forth.

Making the user comfortable with the contents of your website will also improve the site conversion’s potential. A comfortable user is more likely to buy your products or services.

UX is becoming increasingly important on the Internet, for websites, e-Commerce, social media, mobile applications and software.

The concept of User Experience can be also widely applied to a range of other environments, products and services such as advertising campaigns, games, advertising materials to live entertainment, theme parks and even the offices were you or your staff work.

We offers a broad approach to User Experience which includes on-site UX improvements, projects for websites and e-Commerce with User Experience in mind, applications UI design, advertising and more.

User Experience

User Journey and Use Cases are ways to indicate other useful UX techniques. Defining what the user will do and how to “guide” the user once landed in your website (User Journey) and defining the different scenarios, situations, options and choices (Use Case) that our user (or actor) will have available, be willing to move to and experience are two important aspects of UX and UI design.

With these and other techniques, the UX designer will rationalise and enhance the experience of the user, ensuring the website (or game or e-Commerce or application…) will deliver the best result (ideally in line with the user needs and the owners’ goals).

User-Centered Design (UCD) is another important concept within the range of effective web design techniques and part of a rational User Experience plan. As the expression suggests, it means placing the user at the centre of the design, at the centre of the experience; it means facilitating the users and giving them what they want.

UX it is an important factor when applied to advertising. As part of an e-marketing campaign, improving User Experience on your website could literally boost your sales and ROI. If you are unsatisfied by your online paid advertising, your landing pages’ UX should be analysed and issues found and resolved.



UX User Experience Analysis & Design
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