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Informative Websites

While nowadays the dinstance between a professional blog and an informative website is sometimes minimal, the two types of websites still generally present some important differences.

Magazines, newspaper websites, portals and even hybrid websites such as Yahoo! or AOL and others, which mix information with catalogues and several other diversified features, well represent what an informative website can be.

Ever changing, dynamic information is key for a start. They are large, extensive websites and need bespoke ways to present diversified information across the site. This means complexity and leads to the need of a carefully designed contents’ structure able to support the website’s fast paced expansion.

Naturally, some of the informative websites mentioned above also generally attract, and must be able to support, high traffic volume and offer a variety of funcionalities. On Yahoo! home page, for instance, on top of news and categorised contents we can see the weather forecast, trends, stock exchange and even horoscopes; further custom and context-sensitive features will be available in different sections of the site. All these features and funcionalities can be integrated in your informative website, immediately or at a later stage.

While presentation is always important, it is obvious that informative websites rotate around contents: textual (the vast majority), visual (images, videos) and sometimes interactive or functional (games, classified ads and other interactive features).

Other good examples of larger informative website are WebProNews and HTML.it. They both offer technical, specialised contents and the latter also includes very active forums and a wide variety of technical training materials.

If you are looking for an informative website with a small or moderate traffic or just to start blogging on a possibly professional level, we recommend you opt for a professional blog.

If you need an informative website but also various other features you might want to opt for a bespoke customised website.

Informative Websites

You can always add a variety of services to your informative website such as advertising, branding, logo design, printed marketing materials and several others. The full range of our services is available immediately or at a later stage to support or boost your business growth.


Informative Websites
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