AdWordsLess than two weeks ago, Google released a much needed AdWords feature, officially within the mobile-first politics of the company: Expanded Text Ads.

Whether this is actually a mobile-first choice or not, it has been a necessity for a very long time especially for non-English markets.

Adwords Expanded Text Ads on Mobile Devices


Happy AdWords for non-English markets

Although AdWords already included special features for languages which do not use Roman characters, as AdWords specialists, working on foreign Google AdWords campaigns with Romance languages such as Italian or French, we often found ourselves a little bit short of breath every time we needed to build foreign campaigns and had to deal with a very short text ad’s copy.

Adwords Expanded Text Ads Example of English compared to a Foreign Languages


Adwords Expanded Text Ads Example of English compared to a Foreign Language


Italian for instance, is generally more verbose than English. Not only the grammar is more complex but the actual words are often longer. While mastering the language means we can find a way to work around that, somewhat, and “advertising language” can make things a bit easier, there has been always the need for at least an extra four or five characters in AdWords Text Ads to convey a clearer meaning and message within a more appropriate grammar and style.


Adwords Expanded Text Ads - English compared to a Foreign Language

AdWords Ad Extensions of course offer ways to, indeed, extend the ads in a way or another but they do not always show up and don’t have the most prominent position in the ad’s layout.


AdWords Expanded Ads: hope for creative copy in PPC campaigns

Before this moment, we could easily say that AdWords Ads offered little chance for real creativity and forced PPC managers into boundaries that often resulted in very similar ads from different advertisers.

AdWords Editor 11.5 also supports expanded text ads which, Google points out, now provide nearly 50% more ad text to deliver the desired message and highlight services and products.


Adwords Editor Expanded Text Ads Capabilities


Expanded Text Ads finally give AdWords specialists an opportunity to breath, be creative and write better copy.

This new Google AdWords feature is a positive and much welcomed novelty which undoubtedly has a significant influence on the way we build and optimise our AdWords campaigns.

The creation or editing of standard text ads will cease on the 26th of October 2016, hence three months from announcement, and Google suggests that “new text ads generated after that date should use the expanded text ad format” although existing standard text ads will continue to run.

In next months, when most accounts will be presumably updated and using the new feature, it will be interesting to see how AdWords advertisers will take advantage of it and the related impact on campaigns’ performance and competition challenges.