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Bespoke Full Strategy Plan

One size does not fit all.

That is why we created this service: to suit your specific needs.

We screen and analyse your website, products and services and business models, we research and define your ideal audience, analyse your competition and review your goals towards your budget and resources, etc.. Finally we produce a one year full plan to help you grow your business or idea, including costs and realistic forecasts.

This plan aims to deliver lasting results and growth that will continue in the medium and long-term.

Honesty is guaranteed. It is easy for sales people to promise you will achieve the results you would like within the budget you have in mind. It just takes few words over the phone or in a meeting in a nice, glittering room that screams “we are a successful agency”. That is the case when the focus is on taking the client on board and making as much profit as possible for the agency, and luscious commissions for the sales person.

“My focus is on helping my clients to grow a healthy business that will still be successful in the future, and in order to do this I have to tell them the truth.”

For small businesses, one of the major challenges consists in facing a budget too small for the desired results. In this case it is imperative not only to establish realistic expectations and goals that can be achieved, but to provide the client with the necessary information to understand why, what the alternatives are, how to attack the issue in different stages, and the reassurance that we will be there to support them.


Bespoke Full Strategy Plan
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