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Advertising for Non-Profits

If you run a registered charity or similar (registered) non-profit organisation, or an educational non-profit organisation you might have access to a variety of free advertising opportunities on Google AdWords and other channels.

We offer particular solutions and plans for avertising for non-profits.

We would like to work with you because, well, we care.

Advertising for non-profits is available regardless of the size of your organisation. You could be a small, local, environmental non-profit organisation, a mid-size fostering charity, a national association promoting art or a larger organisation acting across multiple regions or countries. There are several types of non-profit organisations and yours could be eligible for the available programs which could help you in various ways including free advertising. So keep in touch and we will verify if you are eligible for discounts, grants or other opportunities for non-profit entities.

If you are already running PPC advertising campaigns, we offer a simple, no-obligation PPC Campaign Preliminary Review service; this is an affordable service that will provide you with a documentation regarding your campaign(s) from an overall point of view (all factors involved which might include your website’s UX) and preliminary advice on what we would recommend to improve results or get the results you would like.


Advertising for Non-Profits
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