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An open professional network

UX08 model is based an “open professional network”, a variety of horizontal, direct partnerships in which we only liase and work with skilled, passionate professionals who share our values and vision and are keen to deliver the best quality of service with the highest ethical standard, and completely transparent to you.

We believe this model offers more value for our clients, especially if compared with standard agencies and pyramids of untold, silent outsourcing, with a number of significant advantages which also include:

  • liase directly with the people doing the job without any hidden or untold outsourcing to not-so-competent entities;
  • no need to pay extra money that would simply cover some juicy commissions of some sales people;
  • only pay for what you should and not for the extra costs of running a larger agency; you won’t pay for the wages of an agency’s employees who are not actually working for you;
  • flexibility of the specialists;
  • multi-skilled professionals;
  • work with people who are truly interested in the project and in helping you and your business to grow.

We keep it real, accountable and ethical. You will know who the professionals assigned to your project are and be directly in touch with them, but you will also always be able to simply interface with a single project manager or consultant, a specialist with thorough technical knowledge, so you will not need to contact different people if you don’t want to.

In the middle of the ’90s I started working in IT and soon designed my first website, driven by pure passion as well as great curiosity. Those days in the basement of the largest IT chain in the country assembling PCs, with the company of about fifty male colleagues, seem not that far away. Some of the computers I assembled would end up on specialistic magazines, given the meticolous way I worked. Later on, the main motive for starting my own business was the willingness to deliver high quality and ethical services.




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