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About UX08

UX08 combines professional skills and experiences in IT, Web Design and Development, UX and UI Design, Advertising and Marketing on multiple media and platforms.

Combining professionals highly skilled in different fields we bring over decades of expertise to our clients.

At UX08 we are keen to deliver high quality services with high ethical standards.

We believe that quality and ethics matter and that you should receive the best service regardless of the price you pay. You should receive the right service for your needs with a forward-thinking approach and a wise use of all available technologies.

We really make an effort to keep things simple. We want you to thoroughly understand what’s going on, what’s going to happen and why something is being done in a certain way or another.

Our work is a mean to help you creating a wealthy and flourishing business, but also a contribution to improve our society.

Our professional background includes (but is not limited to) websites or web applications design and development, User Experience (UX) and UI Design, PPC (Pay-Per-Click or generally speaking Online Paid Advertising), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and eMarketing in general (such as Social Media, E-mail Marketing, Digital Strategy, etc.), copywriting, technical support, networking, training, Help Desk, Intra/Extranets design and implementation, graphic design, advertising, promotional ideas and more. We work with companies, professionals and organisations in a variety of sectors. That is why we can understand different needs and markets, and liaise with different stakeholders.

Working together with our customers we aim to understand what products or services best meet their real needs, and to help improving their work, their activities and the quality of their life. We value our clients, and their customers, as real people who have expectations, ideas, goals they want to achieve and need realistic, honest plans that can be implemented within their budget and solutions that will help them to growth and expand.

We believe in building long lasting relationships based on honesty and trust.

So, yes, we believe that people matter, that businesses should be driven by real human values and not merely by financial goals: they should enhance and better people’s lives.

We believe in supporting human rights, clean technologies, peace and freedom for all mankind, the elevation of culture and ethics for all peoples of the Earth, arts and new forms of artistic expression and communication, creativity, new scientific and technological discoveries that respect human beings, the planet and future generations.

Working for pure profit is not, and never was, my goal. I see my work not just as a mere business in its modern definition but as a contribution towards improving society, promoting and giving strength to new ideas, helping others and create step by step a better world in which humanity is key, not money.

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About UX08
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