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Design, Websites & Web Applications

Would you like something tailored to your needs, your audience, your budget and your goals?

We can help you to improve your users' experience, restyle your outdated website, increase your return on investment, captivate your clients with amazing pictures or smashing illustrations, design and implemement new solutions that will support your business growth and of course create a nice mobile-friendly website that works.

Design, Websites & Web Applications

Advertising, Marketing & Branding

Would you like more customers or to retain more of them? Or to get more from your spend?

Would you like to get more out of your advertising campaign or to ensure you are investing your budget the right way? Whether you need to create or improve your brand awareness and visual identity, optimise your campaigns or engage with your customers to create long lasting relationships, we can deliver solutions across multiple media and networks.

Advertising, Marketing & Brand Promotion

Technical Books, Courses & Training

Would you like to grow your startup, small business, corporate department, or career?

With nearly thirty years of combined professional experience we can deliver training for your needs. We support start-ups and growing businesses as well as private customers with an interest in IT and passionate individuals who would like to have a succesful career in our sector. Also check out our books, free guides and free courses.

Technical Books, Courses & Training

Bespoke Full Strategy Plan

Tired of being told where to spend your money but not why?

As a CEO or MD you face the challenge of choosing the right solutions to support your business' growth. You may have jumped from one agency or expert to another after amazing pitching and promises of certain results that, in hindsight, never delivered.

Discover why this plan is different and could be the right service for you.

Bespoke Full Strategy Plan

Processes & Resources Analysis

Do you struggle to get things done, meet deadlines or achieve the wanted results.

Often the problem lays in not having the right processes in place, not using the right resources or not using them the best way.

We help your company improving your existing processes or identify and create processes to enchance your workflow and allow your workforce to perform better and deliver more reliable and consistent results.

Processes & Resources Analysis

IT In-House HR Review & Support

IT resources, processes and tools can be wasted if your staff is not competent or confident enough with the technologies, procedures and systems you currently use.

We screen, and listen to, your staff to identify needs for development, training or qualification and provide the support your company need to get the best out of your people.

We can also help you finding and screening qualified IT personnel for you.

IT In-House HR Review & Support



Contents & Insights


Finally breathing fresh air with AdWords Expanded Text Ads

Less than two weeks ago, Google released a much needed AdWords feature, officially within the mobile-first politics of the company: Expanded Text Ads. Whether this is actually a mobile-first choice or not, it has been a necessity for a very long time especially for non-English markets.


Google AdWords: the impact of Google going mobile-first

Google warned us for a while: everybody is going mobile! Google Partners, in last handful of years, have received important, recurrent updates and insights from Google about everything mobile compared with desktop usage. Statistics showed a constant, persistent growth of mobile users.


The choice between Bespoke and Ready-made Web Applications

How can clients make the right decision about which web applications to use or have developed for them and how can we help? Companies constantly and recursively need to take decisions as informed as they can be to ensure they enjoy a wealthy future hence will still be there in five or ten years’ time, and possibly more.


The Book of the Dead and the Death of the Ghost Writer

Not an Agatha Christie crime novel yet a horror story about a writer who became a ghost. The Death of the Ghost Writer a story for a Book of the Dead…


The benefit of in-depth Personas

Do you think you know who your website’s typical users are? If you never had in-depth Personas designed or analysed for your website, maybe the answer is “no”.


The difference between UX Design and Web Design

Is there any substantial difference between UX Design and Web Design? And, if so, should that difference be there at all?


More Contents & Insights


Google AdWords, Google Analytics & Google for Videos (YouTube Advertising) Specialists.

Advertise with us on Google AdWords, Display Network, YouTube, Bing/Yahoo or Social Media.

User Experience Analysts & Designers, User Centered Design and User Interaction Design Experts.

We improve your customers' experience and your advertising campaign's results.

We deliver Dynamic, CMS based & e-Commerce Websites, Web Applications and more.

We concept to design to full implementation we deliver the solution you need.

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